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One type of fence is recognized as wood picket fences, the well-known white picket fence is very popular as it adds charm, beauty, and style to your property. The different style of wood fencing add lots of security and privacy to your home as well as keeping pets and small children safe.

Different picket fence styles

The Dogeared, which is considered to be the basic design of a fence but still provides great sense of privacy and completion to your property.The fence can be painted white if desired but the natural wood of the fence gives more of appealing look.

The caped picket fence gives a more modern vibe to the classic fence design which results in an eye-catching fence that gives your home entrancing edge that separates it from your neighbors.

The French Gothic fence design adds extra dimension of beauty and mystery to your wood picket fence which immediately turns heads.

The scalloped fence is craved with delicate curved lines along the fence which is held by sturdy, strong anchor posts. It’s the modern version of everyone preferred fence.

The saddled wood picket fence has a captivating 3D effect to the entire fence due to the posts that are placed on the outside of it.

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Wood picket Fences in Acworth, Georgia

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Wood picket Fences in Acworth, Georgia

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