Deck Maintenace 2020


After deck repair

Before[/caption]In recent months the price of pressure treated materials has doubled in price, all deck materials fall into this category. Deck boards, deck posts deck stairs etc., To build a deck up to code before the pandemic the price ranged from 30.00 to 40.00 a square ft, now ( if you can get all the materials) you will paying 60% to 70 % more then what you would had paid in Feb. Now since some deck situations need immediate attention, Scheider Construction has been repairing decks, pressure washing deck and staining deck to save customers money.

#1. A few reasons why:
The prices stated earlier are for a new deck to be installed, that price does not include the removal and disposal of you existing deck
If you have an existing deck and you repair it, and that deck is not up to code, it is what is called ” Grandfathered in” If you remove the deck and install a new one it will have to be up to code per the county ordinance.
Not only is this a saving, but if the contractor that you choose is not up to the most recent deck codes, and you get a “good price” you may paying for that deck twice. When you to sell your home and the inspector goes through, if it’s not up to the most recent county codes you could be incurring more costs.

In the course of the deck inspection by Scheider Construction, we will determine if the deck can be salvaged, we look at several different aspects of the deck,
framework: Was there a “bond board” used or were “joist hangers” used, to install the floor joists. what type of deck posts and how are fastened to the deck? generally, 4 x 4 posts are used for the deck, but you can use a steel 4″ post for deck or your landing for your stairs. now for 4″ x 4″ you will have to carriage bolt the deck post to the deck band. Handrail posts and pickets: The handrail posts were notched 1 3/4” leaving 1 3/4″ of ” meat” to nail or lag bolt into the deck band, now you have to have a full 3 1/2″ with 1 tension strap per deck handrail post. Deck board: generally, the deck board were 5/4″ x 6″ now they have a 2″ x 6″ with rounded edges ( premium) board and also composite boards Note; Scheider Construction will have to look at each deck individually to determine which deck board is best for the project.

#3 Deck connection to the house:
While there are several aspects to the deck inspection, one of them that stands out the most, how the deck is connected to the house? is there proper deck flashing in the right spots.
If you look on the website there is a picture of a house where we went to replace a handrail and we were there for several days, the original deck was not flashed properly and water ran behind the band board for many years. Since the bands board were p/t and the house band board was white pine ( not treated) the band to house rotted out but you could not see it unless you took the deck band board off the house. as you will see in the pictures the damage was very extensive. Situations like this area an added cost and you cannot get around them.

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