What Is The Best Type Of Fencing For You

You may not have thought it, but there are so many different types of fences, and the best type of fencing for your yard or property will vary depending on what your exact needs are. Some people require a fence for aesthetic purposes, whilst some want a fence for privacy, for security or to keep pets from escaping. The style and material will also depend on what your budget is, where you live, what weather you usually have how much maintenance you would like to carry out.


Here is an overview of a few of the different types of materials that fencing can be made out of, how they cope in different types of weather, what maintenance they require, and the pros and cons of each material:


Wood Fencing

If you say the word ‘fence’ to anyone, then a standard wooden picket fence is the one that they will probably picture. Wood is natural, versatile and easy to install, and can be painted or stained any colour. Ideal for those who want a fuss free look and don’t require anything fancy

However, the drawback to wood is that it weathers quickly, requires regular maintenance and has a shorter lifespan than other materials.


Vinyl or PVC Fencing

Vinyl or PVC fencing is great for those who don’t have the time or inclination to constantly maintain their fence. It is also great for those with pets and children as there is no chance of splinters and it looks great all year round.

The cons for vinyl or PVC fences are that they are prone to mildew, can’t be painted and can become brittle in locations that have huge temperature fluctuations.


Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fences are lightweight, don’t corrode and are perfect for all weather conditions so can be installed anywhere. If you are interested in environmentally responsible options, then this is the one for you, as aluminum is completely recyclable!

Bad points for aluminum fences are that they bend out of shape quite easily, and cannot be repaired, only replaced.


Steel Fencing

Strong, reliable and with no chance of rotting, steel is a robust option that is great in all weather conditions, is intensely durable and will last for centuries.

This may all sound great, but the cost of steel fencing is quite high and you need a professional to install it.


Composite Fencing

Made of a mixture of plastic and wood chips, composite fencing is the best of both worlds for some people thanks to its wooden appearance, but without the constant maintenance that wood fencing requires. Easy to clean, strong and relatively lightweight, the color doesn’t fade and is resistant to most weather types.

However, composite fencing is pricier than wood, and isn’t available in all color schemes.

Depending on what your individual needs and requirements are, there is definitely a suitable fencing option for you and your property or yard, and nowadays there are so many different materials that fences can be composed of, and properties that fencing can have, that you are bound to end up with the ideal fence for your needs.

As long as you weigh up the pros and cons of each different type of fence, and you make sure that you hire an experienced professional to install the fence itself, then you really can’t go wrong!



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